Welcome to angelachauxo.com


Hi there! My name’s Angela and welcome to my brand new blog.

After toying with the idea for the past few years, I’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of blogging! My Instagram account (@angelachauxo) has become a great creative outlet for me to share everything I love about life, from delicious food to an outfit that makes me feel great! However, I don’t get to tell the entire story behind each of these moments.

One of my favourite things about my Instagram is that it’s a visual collection of everything that makes me happy. What exactly are these things? Fashion, beauty, crafting, travel, FOOD! This blog will be a mix of everything I’m passionate about – and I hope to be able to share some inspiration and knowledge with you.

For anyone out there reading this, I hope you enjoy what I put up on here! I’m super excited to see what this blog brings in the future and can’t wait to start sharing some of my favourite things with you.



P.S. Want to learn a bit more about me? Hop over to my About Me page.